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Sports media company focused on generating fan based content in a digital space.

Forever Sports is multimedia sports news agency focused on delivering content through YouTube and our different websites and social media platforms. Forever Sports primarily covers Cricket, Football and Rugby with a strong focus on South African sports given that we are a South African news agency.

Forever Sports aims to become the leading fan-based channel and news agency in South Africa with access to a global audience. Forever Sports is dedicated to providing its community with quality content, multi-sport coverage and the opportunity for fans to voice their opinion.


Always show passion.

We are passionate about sport and our work. We don’t work a day in our life as we are too busy enjoying what we do!


Strive to overdeliver.

We thrive on creating relevant media and getting in the thick of it. We like to take a creative approach combined with professional delivery.


Always put people first.

We would be nothing without our community. The fans that we work with and the fans that follow us always comes first.


Meet The Team

Born our of our passion for sports and using our professional skills and degrees in marketing, sport and journalism we combined to found Forever Sports.

“Here at Forever Sports we are committed to finding ways to connect fans from around the world through the love of sport and give them a platform to share their opinion.”

James PettittCo-Founder
Co-Founder | Man behind the scenes

James Pettitt

Unlike his brother Stephen James doesn’t like being in front of the camera and prefers to operate behind the scenes focusing on the business as a whole.

James has an undergraduate degree in Financial Management and Marketing and went on to do a post-graduate diploma in Management in Sport at the University of Cape Town. He since went on to work in a digital marketing agency and eventually opened his own agency.

As a passionate sports fan James has always been looking at ways to report and share his and others opinions around different sports. This journey started long before Forever Sports was registered in 2019, with James writing articles to creating websites and social media pages as early as 2010 to eventually moving to a support role when Stephen found success through YouTube.

Forever Sports journey has just begun and James hopes that everyone buys into the vision and knows that given time this will be an exciting journey to be a part of.

Co-Founder | Man in front of the camera

Stephen Pettitt

Stephen, or Stevie P as he is known, is front and centre here at Forever Sports and is the face of Forever Sports (literally). He is the main presenter and heads up all Forever Sports content.

Stephen obtained his Bachelor of Journalism with Distinction from Rhodes University before going on to complete his Master of Arts in Journalism & Media Studies at the same institution. During his studies, he was a freelance journalist for a number of different organisations such as Grocott’s Mail Sport, SuperSport, TeamTalk Media and The Journalist. He also hosted a weekly sports show on Rhodes Music Radio.

During his Master of Arts, Stephen worked in the content section of 365Scores, one of the largest mobile sports applications in the world. Specialising in digital media, Stephen has always had a passion for pushing boundaries and being at the forefront of new media trends. Add this to his undying passion for sport and you have the vibrant sports presenter seen shouting at his teams on the Forever Sports YouTube channels.

Stephens goal is to share his passion and love for sport with the world while creating a dedicated and healthy community of sports fans that can safely call Forever Sports their sports media home.

Mark Pettitt

Formula 1 & Rugby Host

Reza Bhayat

Regular Contributor

Reece Stedman

Formula 1 Host

Chris Rowe

Betting Host & Regular Contributor

Wesley Hartman

Regular Contributor

Rudi Stander

Regular Contributor

Daniel Scholtz

Regular Contributor

Cal Usher

Regular Contributor

Stephen Kirker

Daily Wrap Host

Bokang Raselomane

Regular Contributor

Matt Young

Regular Contributor

Lloyd Shrewa

Regular Contributor